• Ride Your Bike with VeloPal
    Improve your fitness
    Track workouts, review personal records, commute and challenge friends
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  • Analyze Workouts
    Improve your fitness with access to all of
    your data and personal stats
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  • Review Activities
    Track your workouts and fitness goals with
    a training log to overview your stats for
    the current week, month or year
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  • Share Workouts
    Connect with other athletes to compare
    and share workouts
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  • Data Visualization
    Create custom graphs over any time period
    to analyze your workout data
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How it works
1START a GPS device
2Go for a ride
3Fuel your body
4Upload your workout
Velopal app

Track, share, and analyze workouts.
View your maps and personal records
and challenge your friends.

Compatible Devices

VeloPal supports FIT, GPX, and TCX or zip files
from any device - at a max size of 25MB

Once your Garmin Connect and VeloPal
accounts are connected new activities uploaded
to Garmin Connect will automatically sync to your
VeloPal account within minutes.